Who are you looking for? Find them in Census Records

Ok you are seeking family members, you know their names and your know where they lived. Census Records provide you with a lot of information. Names, sex, race, occupation, relationship to the head of household, names of children born before that year, names of any other person living in the household and their occupation and much more.

Looking at Census records every ten years also provides clues if they lived for a long time in one place or moved may times or living with another family. Census records can also reveal immigration information such as where they are from, another State or Country.

Migration patterns changes as events in history take place, such as land grants after the Wars to pay soldiers for their services, or a famine. The depressions of the ages as well as families moving west to populate the new territory of Louisiana around 1803. The Texas Wars with Mexico and the migration into Southern Texas.

Here in South Louisiana it was the migrations from Indian to French and Spanish , African, Italian, Irish, Scots, Americans, Czecs and Slovacs, Vietnam and many more. The country, state or place of origin will be on the census records. Also check for Slave schedules and applications for slaves and apprentices etc.

Remember that census records were not always very literate. NAMES can be misspelled easily. Try saying the name to yourself and try to spell what it sounds like. THIS MAY HELP YOU FIND MISPELLINGS OF THE SURNAMES. The nationality of the census taker is also a hint. Check their surname for hints as to their nationality.

Check the family members and others living in the household. Servants, slaves, Indians etc as well can be included. Many Indian males were hunters for families. Servants were of different nationalities.

Announcing that in 2022 the 1950 Census will be put out to the public. It will probably be available after the first half of the year.

Any Questions? Please ask, I will try my best to help. Christ has risen, that is what our story is all about. God Bless you and your family for the Resurrection celebration is the biggest event in history, he was only 32 years old. I can’t imagine how his mother felt at this atrocity toward her son. Pray for us in Jesus name.

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