Hello, I am Trudy Voisin-Hebert and I would like to assist you in finding your family.

I have been working on family trees doing research since 1982. I can offer you assistance in the how to’s of doing your family research. How to find resources, how to record your information, and how to contact family, how to obtain documentation or recording stories of your family. My assistance for telling you the how to’s in your searching is at no cost to you and you must do the searching yourself, which is the fun of doing it all. The people you meet and the places you visit will remain a great memory for you.

Genealogist Prayer

Our Father in Heaven please guide me through these generations of family members. Provide me with the clues and information at the right times and places according to your will. Let me be humble and appreciative with the people and families I meet that will provide me with hospitality and kindness in this family journey.

Our Father in Heaven please provide me with your Holy Spirit to foster passion and the gift of discernment so that I can know when I am accepted by those I meet and share their family history and stories on this journey.

Our Father in Heaven please provide me with the strength and courage I need to take this journey and accept the things that I can and cannot change and provide me with the knowledge to know the difference. I ask these in the name of my Lord, Jesus.

By Trudy Voisin-Hebert

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